About Us

Global Fuel Connection (GFC) is an independent global fuel supplier that provides national and international customers with gasoline, petroleum refined and coal products.  GFC is privately held company based in South Florida and specializes in the global marketing and distribution of oil, fuels, coals, and specific mineral products.  We work closely with direct buyers and sellers and represent our customers in private transactions with annual contracts.

As a provider of midstream energy services to producers and consumers, the company markets different varieties and blends of Gasoline, Diesel, Fuels, Lubricants, Coals and Crude Oils both domestic and internationally.   Our relationships with strategic partners throughout the world truly differentiates GFC within the marketplace and ensures reliability of delivering product in a timely fashion.

Our suppliers represent leading European, North and South American, Indian, and African providers with global oil and coal capabilities. Currently, GFC has numerous well-established alliances with refineries and mines throughout the world.  These long standing partnerships throughout the globe allow GFC to deliver the best availed pricing to our clients.

Currently Global is offering the following oil, fuels, coals and other product categories and has the capability to deliver other products upon request:

–     Crude –    Specialty Oils
–    JP54 –    Hydraulic Fluids
–    A1 Jet fuel –    Engine Oils
–    CST 180 –    Fuels
–    D2 –    Gasoline’s
–    D6 –    Heating Oil
–    Mazut –    Chemicals
–    USLD –    Electric Oils

Finally, GFC provides consulting advice to its customers (whether private or publicly held company) with services including securing financing for transactions, assisting in identifying a specific commodity for purchase or a myriad of other services relevant to our industry.

Our goal is provide you solutions to fit your needs around the world, not only for today but tomorrow as well.